Visa not required

Travelling to Ukraine for EU-citizens is a snap. You need only a passport.

Bargain direct flights

Many low-cost airlines are flying now from Europe to Kyiv or Lviv all year round.

Not yet flooded with tourists

Unlike other European countries Ukraine has not yet become the place for mass tourism.

Why visit Ukraine right now?

Our travel destinations are safe

Western, Central and Southern Ukraine have been safe regions all the time after the revolution in 2014.

Extremely affordable prices

Nowadays with one euro, you can get three times more in local currency than in 2013, but the prices didn't rise as much.

Delicios traditional cuisine

Wide-ranging Ukrainian dishes with global liking.

Visit the former dictator’s residence

The over 600 m2 palace and 130 hectares park of Yanukovych’s residence is now open for everybody. Although in the future, the doors might be closed to visitors.

Fascinating historical sites

Western quality services

Excellent shopping opportunities

New generation team

We are a team of knowledgeable, well traveled and motivated young people, who work by modern European standards.


5% of the income from all the trips to Ukraine organized by Nordic Travel will go to charity starting from 1.04.2020.

Quality guaranteed

We are a part of the Finnish Aikamatkat Oy group (business ID in Finland 2011937-5), which guarantes high quallity tourist servises.


Extensive experience in trip organizing

We have organised trips to Ukraine for foreigners as well as trips from Ukraine to Nordic countries since 2010.

Customer service Toll-Free number

Upon arrival you'll be given a card phone with a local SIM to get instant clarifications and interpreting.

Travel tips for different situations

• money exchange, taxis and public transport;
• how to spend your free time;
• local food and the best places to eat;
• regional habits and customs, etc.

Unique experiences

  • possibilities to meet locals;
  • any kind of destanations and experienses upon request.



year of foundation

Over 300

foreign tourists to Ukraine

Over 2300

Ukrainian tourists to Nordic countries


Nordic Travel has been founded in Ukraine in 2010 and belongs to the Finnish Group of Companies Aikamatkat Oy ( Our travel company is specializing in trips to the Nordic countries for Ukrainians as well as in trips to Ukraine for Europeans.


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Travel to Ukraine: affordable, safe and engaging trips

The vast and exuberant territory of Ukraine has much to offer for practically every type of traveller. Despite recent political and economic troubles, Ukraine retains its cultural and historical charm, travel standards meet the European level, pristine natural spots will recharge your batteries and we will always make sure that the trip you choose is closely tailored to your needs and preferences. Being Ukrainian citizens we have the first-hand knowledge of the current political situation and can assure you that having holidays in Ukraine is as safe as in any other European country. Explore the cultural and historical heritage of Kievan Rus, The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Cossacks’ legacy and modern still-echoing events of the Revolution of Dignity. Visit Mezhyhirya to find out more about the opulent lifestyle of a former president and hear the stories of national uprising against the dictatorship. If you are more a backpacker-type traveller, let your free spirit seek adventures on one of our active trips. Travel to the most beautiful places of Ukraine to conquer steep cliffs, winding paths, underground mazes and water streams on our cycling, kayaking, caving and rock-climbing tours. Our flexible system allows you to combine several guided tours in one package tour. Suit yourself and plan the trip to take the most of your vacation.

Travel to Kiev

Kiev is with no doubts a go-to palace when you visit Ukraine for the first time. This is a city at the crossroads of different epochs with shining domes of Orthodox temples dating back to Medieval times and contemporary murals embellishing the grey walls of uniform Soviet buildings. Walk down Andriivskyi Descent to fully embrace the atmosphere of the XIX century Kiev. Peculiar semi-storeyed brick houses, cobbled streets and cozy cafes build up the heart of the city. Then travel back to the future at Maidan Nezalezhnosti square, where the Revolution of 2014 took place marking the turning point in the modern history of Ukraine. On the weekends the main street of Kiev near the square is closed to traffic so you can have a leisurely stroll along the longest main street of capital in Europe. Most of our one-day trips and package tours start from Kiev.

Travel to Lviv

Lviv is considered to be the cultural capital of Ukraine. Once you stay in the city for a few days, you understand why. Lviv pertains the features of different architectural styles, combining Slavic, Armenian and German influences. Lviv is a unique city where history comes alive with the help of themed cafes in the city centre. Do you want to become a partisan of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and taste the field food? Welcome to “Knaipa” - a restaurant devoted to the Ukrainian nationalist movement. Or maybe you would like to go back to the Middle Ages? Check out The First Lviv Grill Restaurant of Meat and Justice. To complete the time travelling mission embark on a day trip around Renaissance castles near Lviv.

Visiting Ukraine: Tour packages to make your trip more comfortable

Whether you are planning to visit Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, have an action-packed vacation in the wild or take a peaceful rest outside the densely populated area, we can find the right itinerary for you. We are dedicated to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable and adapt it as much as possible to your needs. With our package tours, you don’t need to worry about daunting arrangements such as booking, reservations and budget for extra fees. What’s more, you don’t need any visa to visit Ukraine, unless you are going to stay for more than 90 days within a 180 day period. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We are glad to help you choose the right tour according to season availability and your personal preferences.