Street art and murals in Kyiv

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Kyiv is a city with a centuries-old history, rich in ancient architecture that adorns the city. However, there are many Soviet-era buildings in Kyiv, which can’t be characterized by a special architectural style and which obviously do not beautify the city exterior. Street murals are a new tendency, or rather, an art form, that allows to make the gray walls of Kyiv bright, colorful and unusual.

Kyiv is gradually turning into a modern open-air museum. The real stream of creative energy from artists around the world pours out on the streets of Kyiv. Year by year, more and more eye-catching murals, installations, sculptures appear in the city.

The first wall paintings appeared in Kyiv in 2014. Since then, 28 artists from different countries have created over 140 murals on the walls of urban buildings. Three of them in 2017 were included into a list of the best artworks in the world.

Murals in Kyiv is a living history. It’s a kind of monumental performance, since every month there are created new art objects, which become a part of the urban landscape and turn the streets of Kyiv into an open-air gallery.

During this excursion, you will see the most remarkable murals of Kyiv, created by artists from Australia, Argentina, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and, of course, Ukraine, as well as you will learn about the history and development trends of the street art.

In this walking tour you will have a look at:

● more than 30 murals created in Kyiv by artists from all over the world;

● a unique object of street art –Peizazhna (or Landscape Sculpture) alley, where fabulous sculptures are crafted from colorful mosaics;

● the history of Kyiv streets and buildings that have become a background for murals; a feature story about the past and present of urban architecture and street art;

● a lot of gorgeous pictures and awesome selfies.

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