By the tracks of the 2013 revolution and the residence of the runaway president

  • Private transfers
  • Lunch
  • Guide
  • Golf cart ride
  • Admission tickets
  • 2
  • 8
  • 97 € / person


  • Pick-up and drop-off at your hotel in Kyiv by taxi or bus.
  • English speaking guide. 
  • Entrance ticket to the park.
  • Entrance ticket to Honka-mansion.
  • Golf-cart tour. 
  • Lunch at the restaurant.

The price includes transportation services, Finnish-guided tours, entrance tickets to the Mezhyhirya Residence, entrance tickets to Honka, an electric car tour and dinner at the restaurant.

We begin our journey from Maydan – Kyiv main square and the 2013-2014 revolution centre. Our guide, who was the eyewitness of the historic moment, will share his memories of those shocking events. We stroll to the mysterious Chimaera House and the monumental presidential palace along the street, where in 2014 the demonstrators equipped only with wooden shields marched against the police’s bullets.

After visiting the government quarter we travel out of the city to the residence of the former president, who fled during the revolution. It used to be the most secret place hidden behind the 5-metre walls heavily guarded by armed men with dogs. Nowadays it’s the Museum of Corruption. There was even a personal air defense system. Explore 137 hectares of parks and lakes on an electric car. There is everything you can imagine – the ship-restaurant, the heliport, the zoo, the collection of retro cars, golf court, fountains and SPAs – it was still not enough.

The true gem of the residence is the masterpiece of Finnish design – Honka. It is a modern 600 square meter palace made of unique kelo wood. Walk the underground tunnel guarded by a stuffed lion and the knights, admire royal parquet flooring and wood engravings, hear the stories about the golden loaf and other stupid whims of the dictator. Our guide is a former demonstrator, who was among the first to enter the mansion and has been living there ever since. He committed himself to maintain and protect the house.

Enjoy lunch at the roofed terrace on the canal bank.

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