Time travel to Lviv of the 19-20th century with the help of unique restaurants

  • Guide
  • Group transfers
  • 10
  • 45 € / person


  • Pick-up and drop-off at your hotel in Lviv by taxi or bus.
  • Guided tour of theme restaurants and cafes.
  • 1 cup of coffee at Lviv Coffee Mine.
  • 1 stein of beer or cocktail at Masoch Cafe.
  • 1 glass of wine at House of Legends.
  • Dinner at Kryivka (Partisan Hideout).
  • Visiting some other theme cafes and restaurants;)
Some restaurants and cafes in Lviv are more interesting then many museums. Of course these places are very popular, but we will have reservations in all of them so there will be no waiting for us. This guided tour will be a lot of fun since we will be moving from a place to place, taste the best unique cocktails and dishes, learn a lot of interesting stuff about Ukraine and ukrainians, meet some locals and share some laughs.
We will warm up with Masoch-Cafe. The inventor of masochism austrian writer Leopold Ritter Sacher-Masoch was born and lived in Lviv. So the BDSM-style restaurant dedicated to him is a must see in Lviv. You will timetravel to the XIX century hidden restaurant and experience some forbidden pleasures of that time elit.
Another famous restaurant is Kryivka, which means the partisan hideout. This place is really hidden, has no sign and you need to tell the password to the guard. When you step inside you will timetravel to a hideout of the beginning of XX century, with waiters in old time military uniforms, authentic arms of that time and even an old machine gun in the bar at the roof of the building.
Other great restaurants in this tour are no less exciting but we will leave them as a surprise =)

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