Revolution of 2013-2014

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Looking at the double pictures you might think that the painting you see was inspired by blood-chilling events of the Ukrainian Revolution that took place in 2014. In fact, these artworks were made in 2012 by book illustrator and game designer Ivan Khivrenko. A sinister foreboding of what happened 2 years later.

It's only the 17th of May when the crash of Malaysian aircraft above the Eastern Ukrainian conflict zone shook the world and drew attention towards Ukrainian Crisis. But not many outside Ukraine knew that this grim outcome goes back to November 2013.

After former president Volodymyr Yanukovych abandoned the agreement on closer trade ties with the EU, dissatisfied peolple mostly students gatheres on the main square. Joking, singing national songs and dancing they stood on the Maidan believing that they could force the authorities to follow the course of Eurointegration. No-one could imagine that a peaceful protest and expression of will would turn into the bloodshed...

During this tour you will see the places, where protesters gathered for the first time, where the protest camp and barricades were set up and hear the story of the Ukrainian Revolution 2013-2014 as it was told by the eyewitnesses and participants of those tragic events.

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