Travelling around Ukraine: a unique experience at affordable prices.

Travelling around Ukraine: a unique experience at affordable prices.

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Ukraine, as a tourist destination, attracts almost every traveller. Despite the recent political problems in Ukraine, this country has its own historical and cultural charm, tourism standards that correspond to the European level, and attractive untouched nature. We always make sure that your chosen trip is tailored to your needs and preferences as much as possible. Since we live in Ukraine, we always get first-hand information about the current political situation, and we can say with confidence that travelling to Ukraine is as safe as travelling to any other European country. The icing on the cake is a visa-free pass to Ukraine for all EU citizens. Finnish travellers also should not worry about the time difference, since Ukraine and Finland are in the same time zone.

Sights in Ukraine

Discover the historical heritage of Ukraine. The architecture of Kyivan Rus and the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, the legends of the Cossacks, combined with facts about the Revolution of Dignity can be found almost everywhere. Head to Mezhyhirya Residence to learn more about the ex-president’s luxurious lifestyle and listen to stories of rebellion against his dictatorship. If you prefer backpacking, immerse yourself in our active tours, which are always abundant in adventures. In spring and summer weather conditions in Ukraine are extremely favourable, and following our routes, you will find yourself in the most beautiful places in Ukraine. Climb the steep cliffs, wander along the winding paths, enter underground labyrinths, cross the fast streams of water on our rock walks, bike rides, kayaking and caves exploring. In addition, travel services can be adapted to your taste, which allows you to choose and combine several excursions in one tour.

Trips to Kyiv

If this is your first trip to Ukraine, you should definitely visit Kyiv. The capital of Ukraine is at the crossroads of centuries. The sparkling domes of the Orthodox churches and the Kyiv monastery with caves, preserved from the Middle Ages, and modern wall paintings covering the walls of the uniform Soviet buildings create an amazing harmony. To feel the atmosphere of twentieth century Kyiv, take a walk along the Andriyivskyi Descent, which became the heart of Kyiv, thanks to its unusual multi-storey brick houses, cobbled streets and cozy cafes. After that, you can get back to the future on Maidan Nezalezhnosti, where the Revolution of Dignity marked a turning point in Ukrainian history. Most of our tours start in Kyiv.

Travelling to Lviv

Lviv is considered to be the cultural capital of Ukraine. If you stay in Lviv for a few days, you will understand why. Lviv has absorbed features of different architectural styles, combining Slavic, Armenian and German influences. Lviv is a unique city in which history comes to life thanks to themed cafes in the city center. Do you want to become a partisan of the Ukrainian rebel army and try delicious field dishes? Welcome to Kryivka, a cafe dedicated to Ukrainian nationalist movements. Or maybe you want a trip to the Middle Ages? Visit the first meat barbecue restaurant in Lviv. To complete your time travelling, take a day trip to see the renaissance castles around Lviv.

Travel packages make travelling more comfortable

Are you planning to visit Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, get an active holiday in a Ukrainian city or in the wild, relax outside the densely populated area? Nordic Travel LLC may find a package that suits you. We strive to make your trip comfortable and hassle-free and adapt it to your personal needs. Choosing our package will save you a lot of work, including ordering food, booking and planning your travel budget. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. We will be happy to help you choose the journey of your dream depending on the season and your personal preferences.


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